Sunday, February 20, 2011

Meet Some Stylish Bloggers

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Manu of Manu's Menu is a newly-minted and well-deserved Stylish Blogger. Having received this great accolade, Manu gets to confer 10 other Stylish Bloggers with the award.

I’m delighted that Alchemy was among the recipients. This badge of honour brings with it a number of responsibilities...
I too get to a) select 10 stylish bloggers, inform them and link to them; and b) I must divulge 7 things about myself.
I made my selection based on the passion and enthusiasm these bloggers have for food; their mouth-watering photos; and the fact that I am entertained every time I read their posts and often learn something new. I hope they will delight and entertain you too.
They are, in no particular order...
·          Koci at La Kocinera -
‘The Culinary Adventures of a Quirky College Student’

·          Kimberly at Kimba’s Kitchen -
‘Asian flavours with an Aussie twist’

·          Natasha at Five Star Foodie -
‘Culinary Adventures’

·          michelangelo in the kitchen -
‘Artful Food Styling’

·          Anca and Gerard at Bistro Gerard -
‘Healthy Recipe Journal, (randomly) edited by Jerry the Parrot’

·          Tiffany at Como Water -
‘Simple, delicious, and sometimes decadent vegan and vegetarian cuisine’

·          Kim at Liv Life -
‘Our attempts at living life to its fullest through food, photography, and travel!’

·          Zerrin at Give Recipe -
‘Enjoy Turkish Dishes!’

·          Bromography -
‘Discoveries of New York Foodies!’

·          Brandon at Kitchen Konfidence -
‘Inspiration for the Home Cook’

Ok, 7 things about myself...
·          I don’t know who to vote for in the general election next week. Today, I spotted posters for two interesting candidates: Cow Pat, the lavender cow “can she make a bigger mess?” and Willy Cockalorum, “ruffling feathers”.

·          When I was 12, I auditioned for the part of Clara in Dublin City Ballet’s The Nutcracker Suite. I was partly successful, landing the dual roles of dancing bonbon, and cook.

·          I can live without email and internet – but not for very long.

·          I won a holiday to California – my tastebuds have very fond memories of that State.

·          When I am not writing recipes, I write short stories (everyone in Ireland does!)

·          An earthquake wouldn’t disturb me once I have my nose in a good book.

·          I don’t have a sweet tooth... unless there are nice things in the cupboard – things that are WTC - at which time I discover a temporary sweet tooth...

...which reminds me there is still half a jar of caramel sauce and a lonesome sticky toffee cupcake to deal with.
About to get into a sticky situation...

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