Friday, February 17, 2012

Carrot, Cinnamon and Coconut Scones – a vanishing act!

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For years, I thought children’s writer Enid Blyton was actually called ‘Gnid’ because of the swirly font used for her name. I blame ‘Gnid’ for my obsession with food. I wasn’t half as interested in the shenanigans of her adventure-prone child heroes and heroines as I was in the food they ate. There always seemed to be a farmhouse table somewhere in the story, groaning under the weight of glazed ham, cold chicken, thick wedges of fruitcake, bowls of cherries, warm scones with clotted cream, and of course lashings of ginger beer cooling somewhere nearby in an icy stream.

I had planned two separate recipes today – one a carrot soup with the fragrant bouquet of carrots I found in the market, and the other, scones for tomorrow’s breakfast, when I started musing on the topic of ‘Gnid’. While I daydreamed, the boundaries between the two recipes became blurred and I found myself mixing grated carrot into my scone mixture, then coconut and cinnamon joined the party.

These are so quick and easy to magic up and they have a habit of vanishing just as quickly so I’ve nicknamed them the sorcerer’s scone – groan!

For 8 scones you will need...
... to pre-heat the oven to 180°C
250g plain flour
1½ teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
¼ teaspoon fine table salt
60g butter, cut into small pieces
125g carrots, finely grated
50g dark brown sugar
25g desiccated coconut
1 medium egg, beaten
110mls fresh milk

You’ll also need a little extra flour for sprinkling on your work surface and an extra tablespoon of dark brown sugar to sprinkle over the scone before baking.

Carrots, Cinnamon, Coconut... magic!
1.                  Place the flour, baking powder, cinnamon, salt and butter in a mixing bowl and rub the butter into the flour, lifting and crumbling the mixture between your index and middle fingers and your thumbs, until it resembles fine breadcrumbs.
2.                  Add the grated carrots, dark brown sugar and desiccated coconut, mixing until well distributed throughout the mixture.
3.                  Add the beaten egg and just enough of the milk to bring the mixture together in a soft dough, with no dry flour remaining. (Some days, the flour is thirsty and you’ll need a drop more milk; other days, you’ll have a little milk left over).
4.                  Turn the mixture out onto a lightly-floured work surface and form into a smooth ball. Transfer to a non-stick baking sheet and using your hands, pat the ball of dough into a disc about 2.5cm (1 inch) thick.  Using a sharp knife, mark the disc into 8 wedges, sinking the knife about a third of the way into the dough. Sprinkle with a tablespoon of dark brown sugar.
5.                  Transfer to the pre-heated oven and bake for 25 – 30 minutes or until well risen and golden brown. A cocktail stick inserted in the centre should come out clean. If there is still dough clinging to it, pop the scone back into the oven for a further 5 minutes then test again. Transfer to a cooling rack. These scones are best eaten slightly warm, but will keep for a few days in sealed in an airtight container.


It's called the fastest bread in the West because one moment it's there and next it's scone ...

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  1. Now a scone is something I've NEVER made (except the open fire damper variety that is). I can just imagine the sweet, spicy, light delight. With lashings of ginger beer! Love the Gnid bit! A.

  2. Still chuckling over Gnid.

    We have scones for afternoon tea rather than breakfast but they'd certainly do a disappering act at my house!

  3. I love this recipes!And pictures are just so gorgeous!

  4. Haha, I love your witty posts :) So entertaining. Great scone recipe too!

  5. Lol! Loved this post! That recipe sounds fabulous and I can't believe they are already scone! Actually, who are we kidding, I can believe it. They certainly wouldn't last long around here.

  6. No wonder it was a vanishing act Hester. I love your magic touch to these scones. You know I can totally identify with the Gnid bit but I am ashamed to say totally forgotten the foodie bits - but remember the lashings of ginger beer! Bet that goes famously with these scones!

  7. LOL @ Gnid! :) I can see how you would think that.... makes sense! And I am so with you about the books. I really used to enjoy reading about those delicious teas and suppers more than anything else!

    I LOVE scones - especially when they're homemade... and this one is a combination I've never seen in a scone, but it sounds oh SO good! Very creative! I would love to try this... love the pictures :) Thanks for sharing!

  8. Awesome blend here! the cinnamon and coconut sound amazing enough but you really gave it some delicious flavor and texture with the carrots. I am so intrigued I am saving this one-delicious and creative recipe!

  9. I used to read Enid Blyton books when I was a kid too. My babysitter brought a bunch of them from India and I LOVED them! I don't remember the food specifically, though.
    I have been itching to make some scones and I am crazy for carrots. Your little kitchen magic worked out quite well!

  10. I love the uniqueness that are these scones - look amazing :D
    A wonderful recipe perfect for breakfast

    Choc Chip Uru
    Latest: Choc Chunk Muffins & Surprise Choc Cookies

  11. HA! The Sorcerer's scone. That made me laugh out loud.

    Lovely scones, darling! I'd like to 'vanish' a few myself

  12. You write such fun blog posts, and the scones look amazing too!

  13. This made me giggle then made me hungry. Your writing style just draws me in. And your food keeps me coming back for more. xx

  14. Wow - those look delicious! Truly magical food! FUN post - thanks!

  15. Yummm! This is a delicious combo of flavors, I've never seen a scone like this, I will have to give these a try! Delicious recipe!

  16. Oooh I have all these ingredients so it's time for o e rainy day baking! Thanks for the recipe, it sounds like these won't hang around our house for long!

  17. Oh, my gosh...the texture of your scones is just perfect!! So moist and fabulous...I can tell you are an pass me one, please :)

  18. What a perfect flavor combination--love the photo of the crumb, because that's about all that would be left in my household.

  19. We surely love all scones! Your look extra yummy. nice touche with the carrot and coconut, the scones look hyper moist. exactly how I love it!.

    thx for sharing! =)

  20. wow this looks amazing. missed your blog!! i love scones. starbucks has them but they are not that tasty.

  21. What incredible flavors for scones...they look and sound delightful!

  22. These look amazing! I love the idea of carrot scones! What a wonderful flavor combination! Have a great week!

  23. These are the first carrot scones I've ever seen. Great ideas comes when you don't expect them =)

  24. De - li - sh!
    Tried them 2 ways one with milk and other with buttermilk - they were both finished before i could pour the tea.


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