Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Alchemy - A Cookbook... out now on Kindle Store

Pin It Whooops! I’ve let the 4th anniversary of Alchemy slide by, but I’ve been a little busy putting the finishing touches to Alchemy – A Cookbook, which is now available from the Kindle Store on Amazon.
Hester Casey, Alchemy - A Cookbook - buy it now on

Like the blog, the book is bursting with easy-to-follow recipes to help you turn simple ingredients into magical food.

Try Maple French Toast Sticks for a lazy brunch. Magic up a delicious, nutritious and ridiculously low fat ‘Some Like It Hot’ Courgette Vichyssoise, excellent with the ‘Frankly My Dear’ Bacon and Jalapeño Cornbread.  Fill your kitchen with the enticing aromas of Controversial Irish Stew, and win hearts with Chicken with Cointreau Cream.  Dive straight into dessert with a classic Bakewell Tart, the sinful Sour Cherry and Vanilla Wellington Squares or the light and delightful Pears in Cardamom and Chardonnay Syrup and lots, lots more.
BUY the book today from the Amazon Kindle Store and create a little magic in your own kitchen.
Then share the magic once you’ve got your copy, tell a good friend about it.'m+turning+simple+ingredients+into+magical+food+with+ALCHEMY+-+A+COOKBOOK+-+get+yours+from+Amazon+now%20  Alchemy - A Cookbook
Don’t have a Kindle? Don’t need one! Read Alchemy – A Cookbook on your Android phone or tablet, iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows 8 PC or tablet.
Get the free app via Amazon
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  1. I did buy it but I haven't opened it yet. I needed to comment first and then I'm off to learn how to cook like you do. :)

  2. FABULOUS news! Congratulations, Hester. You certainly have been magically cooking up a storm!

    Your book looks not only full of wonderful recipes (that Elvis Burger sounds interesting) but I love how it's injected with your humour (e.g. magical chapter on "Sauce'ry") and beautiful photos. Bravo!

    1. Hi Jill, I'm delighted you like it! Congratulations to you too - you have the world Mad About Macarons. To be on yr 8th reprint is a wonderful achievement, Hx

  3. EEP CONGRATS my friend :D
    Your book is going to be fantastic, this is exciting!

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. Thanks CCU, hope you are enjoying your summer.

  5. Congratulations and wish you all the best :)

  6. @ Maureen - Thanks Maureen. Hope you enjoy it. I always find you both an inspiration and a tonic.

  7. I gave you a review on Amazon. You have created the best Ecookbook I've ever seen. Maybe it's just me but I loved every recipe. There's nothing I thought was too weird or poncy to make. :)

    I hope everyone buys this book because they're going to love it.

  8. Hi Maureen, I'm so glad you are enjoying it and thanks for the lovely review. The main criteria for including a dish was, Do I LOVE it? And, is it easy and will I generally have the ingredients in my kitchen if I want to make it on a whim? Like my niece says when asked which auntie is her favourite, they are ALL my favourites, Hx

  9. Congrats on the cookbook, Hester - I plan to check it out over the weekend - it looks really great!

  10. Hi Donalyn, thanks! Hope you enjoy it. I did the Courgettes with Sage this evening as a side with steak and my husband, who hates courgettes, said "What are these? They're delicious!" I told him they were zucchini :)

  11. Congratulations!! :) It looks great- it must have taken you forever to write!

  12. Hi Von, yes it did, but I enjoyed trying out all the dishes and having learnt a few things along the way, I've already started on book 2 - no rest for the wicked eh!

  13. I kind of just landed here, something like your magic, and I started reading the blog and then went to Kindle for the cookbook. Your writing is pure magic too and I have enjoyed my visit.


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